Level 1: Principles of Health & Safety

About Course

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Understand the importance of health and safety
    • identify the main health and safety responsibilities of workers and employers
    • Define the key terms used in health and safety training.
  • Understand the scope of hazards and risks
    • Identify common hazards in a workplace
    • Identify control measures for common hazards
  • Understand the range of conditions that can affect health and safety
    • Outline the benefits of maintaining a tidy, well organised setting.
    • State the importance of maintaining suitable environmental conditions.
    • Outline the different types of health and safety signage.
  • Comprehend the significant wellbeing and security techniques at work environment
    • Identify the need for reporting accidents, ill health, dangerous events and near misses.
    • Explain the purpose of first-aid provision.
    • Outline the actions to take in case of a fire in the workplace
    • Outline the types and uses of personal protective equipment.
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