Level 1: Award in Work at Height

About Course

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Describe the risks of working at height, how to plan and employ a safe system of work and use the access equipment
    • 1.1 Identify the key points of planning work at height
    • 1.2 List the hierarchy for working at height
    • 1.3 State the requirements for a safe system to prevent falls whilst working at height.
    • 1.4 State the types of roof surfaces that may be fragile
    • 1.5 Identify hazards associated with voids and holes.
    • 1.6 List the types of equipment that can be used and the associated hazards
  • Understand the hazards and risks when working at height
    • 2.1 Conduct a hazard spotting exercise for a work at height activity.
    • 2.2 Know when to stop working when the risk changes.
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