Level 1 - Fire Safety

About Course

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment

Occupational and Firefighting training

  • Understand the components of the fire structure
  • Determine the cause of the fire in the workplace.
  • Outline the main costs of fires in the workplace behavior training(for internal linking) for employers and employees
  • Describe the tasks and responsibilities of employees in the fire protection field
  • Summarize the roles and responsibilities of firefighters in the field of fire safety
  • Determine the fire-fighting measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of fire
  • Describe fire risk management measures
  • Identify different types of portable fire-fighting equipment and when they should be used
  • A simple plan to check the safety of fire extinguishers.
  • State the actions to take in case of a fire in the workplace
  • Determine how to contact emergency services in the event of a fire in the workplace.
  • Includes the construction and pacing of teacher drove preparing

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