Level 2 - Fire Safety

About Course

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Explain how the fire happened in the workplace
  • Describe the components of the fire triangle.
  • identify hazards during or after a fire, including combustion products
  • describe the characteristics of the fire and the spread of smoke
  • List various methods used to identify and control fire hazards
  • Define the term "evacuation equipment" related to fire hazards
  • Describe the typical components of a fire suppression system
  • Describe how to detect a fire and issue an alarm
  • Describe how to use portable fire extinguishers safely
  • Describe how convenient putting out fires hardware ought to be utilized securely
  • identify common fixed fire extinguishing systems and their locations
  • Describe the responsibilities of employers and employees with regard to fire safety in the workplace
  • Describe how to conduct a simple fire safety test in the workplace
  • Describe the steps of fire risk assessment
  • State the role and function of fire wardens in their workplace:
    • On a day-to-day basis
    • During an emergency
    • If they are not in their designated areas of responsibility when the alarm is raised.
  • Summarize the content of the fire protection instructions.
  • Highlights the adaptability of on-request learning.
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