Level 2 Emergency First Aid in the Work

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to assess Incident to conduct an on-site investigation
    • Conduct a preliminary inspection of the victim
    • Seek help to help the injured.
  • Able to handle non-responsive patients with normal breathing
    • Measure the victim's level of consciousness
    • place the unresponsive victim in a stable lateral position
    • dealing with victims of epileptic seizures
  • ability to deal with injured persons who breathe abnormally and do not respond
    • Determine when cardiopulmonary resuscitation is needed
    • demonstrate cardiopulmonary resuscitation with a human model
  • Know how to identify and help people who have been injured by drowning
    • Watch for signs of partial or complete airway obstruction
    • If the airway is partially or completely blocked, provide first aid.
  • Learn how to identify and help people with minor injuries.
    • identify different types of external bleeding
    • Show first aid to stop external bleeding.
    • Determine how to provide first aid to people with minor cuts and scratches
    • Determine how to provide first aid to people with mild burns and burns
  • Know how to deal with injured people in shock
    • Identify the signs and symptoms of hypovolemic shock
    • how first aid to victims of hypovolemic shock assessment


This capability can be surveyed by a down to earth exhibition and composed/oral addressing.

Qualification is assessed by 2 methods.

  • Practical observation
  • Centre denoted different decision hypothesis appraisal. This hypothesis evaluation will be through a progression of various decision questions, which can be a composed appraisal or led orally by the processor
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